IGAD Protection Against Retaliation

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Protection Against Retaliation

IGAD will not tolerate an attempt on the part of anyone to apply any sanction, detriment or punishment to any persons who have reported to IGAD a genuine concern that they may have concerning an apparent wrongdoing.

If you believe that you have been subjected to retaliation or mistreatment of any kind because of a report/ complaint, you should immediately report it to

  • Your Director,
  • Internal Audit,
  • Human Resources Officer or
  • A member of the Audit Committee

Please provide an address where you can receive the response from IGAD (For anonymity use any available email address that does not disclose your identity e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Reports of retaliation will be investigated promptly, and the of the results of such investigation will be notified to the concerned.

Any staff member who is found to have engaged in retaliation to or mistreatment of a whistle-blower will be subject to disciplinary measures. The organization shall engage legal action against any party who is found to have subjected an IGAD employee to any kind of mistreatment because of a report or complaint.

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