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H.E Ambassador Eng. Mahboub Maalim – Executive Secretary of IGAD and Mr. Shimeles Woldesemyiat – Executive Secretary of Committee of Intelligence and Security Service in Africa (CISSA) signed MoU to work together on 14 May 2015 In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Under this Mou, the two parties agree to cooperate in promotion and development of intelligence exchange mechanism with the view to enhance the development of an endogenous African Security doctrine in order to establish a common basis of study and analysis of harmful phenomena and factors to the stability of the continent. They Identified areas of Cooperation:

1. Promoting and developing intelligence exchange capabilities through the acquisition, processing analysis and transmission of intelligence on any nature of threats;

2. Promoting the sharing of information with the view to provide IGAD Member States with the necessary data intelligence for the adoption of, amongst others, an African policy and Strategy for Peacekeeping and conflict prevention, management and resolution;

3. Establishment of secure communication lines between the IGAD Secure Communication System (IGADSCS) and CISSA Secure Communication System (CSCS);

4. Organizing and conducting joint special training programmes aimed towards strengthening the capacity of IGAD and CISSA Member States;

5. Participating in activities organized by each, respectively, aimed at conflict prevention; and

6. Strengthening cooperation between IGAD and CISSA.



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