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IGAD Secretariat


IGAD Secretariat
+253-213 54050


Moyale Twon, Kenya-Ethiopia
Moyale Twon, Kenya-Ethiopia


Sep 29 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

IGAD Moyale Coordination Office and Regional Migration Fund (RMF) Infrastructure Project Implementation Launch

On September 29, 2003, IGAD will be Inaugurating the IGAD Moyale Field Cross-border Coordination Office in Moyale-Moyale (Ethiopia-Kenya) cross border areas. This IGAD office in Moyale will be mandated to facilitate cross border cooperation actors, local government institutions and communities in their respective clusters to foster cooperation around a common programming agenda, especially delivering social services to host communities, refugees, and migrants.

The event will also include the Launch of the implementation of IGAD Regional Migration Fund (RMF) Infrastructures activities, share the accomplishments of the IGAD intervention on cash and livelihoods under SIMPI project and launch the cross-border community-based migration network among others. The participants at the launching event will be drawn from both Ethiopia and Kenya various government structures at various levels and local communities from Moyale area.

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