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IGAD Secretariat


IGAD Secretariat
+253-213 54050


Arta, Djibouti
Arta, Djibouti


Jul 17 - 18 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Djibouti National Consultation on the Kampala Declaration on Jobs, Livelihood and Self-Reliance for Refugees, Returnees and Host Communities.

Event Background

The IGAD Kampala Declaration on Jobs, Livelihoods, and Self-Reliance for Refugees, Returnees and Host Communities was adopted by IGAD member states in Kampala, Uganda in March 2019. The Declaration represents a significant commitment by IGAD member states to promote the economic self-reliance of refugees, returnees and host communities, and to work towards a more sustainable and durable solutions to displacement in the IGAD region.

The IGAD Secretariat is conducting consultations with the Government of Djibouti on the Kampala Declaration. The consultations are targeting different line ministries of the government as well as refugee hosting areas regional government. In conjunction, a separate meeting will be organised with representatives from the private sector in each country for greater engagement and partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve the Declaration objectives.

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