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Executive Secretary of IGAD, Eng. Mahboub Maalim, gave 10,000 euros towards the development of the  Awdal Salal road in Somaliland.

“To ensure our collaboration and encourage these communities, IGAD Secretariat has made a modest contribution of 10,000 euros to this initiative” said Eng. Mahboub Maalim.

The Chief Executive Officer of Awdal Salal Road Development Association (ASARDA), Professor Hassan Ali Othman said “ASARDA has finished 8 km so far between Borama and Kalabaydh.”

The road project, which is asphalt standard, is expected to contribute to the economic growth of the region. Another part of the ASARDA project is to develop the road between Borama and Djibouti. “We are now mobilizing funds to purchase heavy equipment,” said Professor Othman indicating that 65% of the cost of the project goes towards the rental of these machines.

The Executive Secretary said “This is very impressive and needs our support and encouragement. IGAD has taken upon itself to prioritise infrastructure development in Somaliland. Already the Berbera corridor, spanning from Togwajale in Ethiopia to the port city of Berbera has had the first phase including surveying, studied.  This project is being financed by the European Union.”

“The community programming component from Borama to Kalabaydh will be prioritised and is in the IGAD Horn of Africa initiative program” said Eng. Mahboub Maalim.

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