H.E. Dr. Ahmet Tik Tik, Vice President (Coportate Services, IsDB) welcomed the IGAD team. Mr. ElMansour Feten, Director, Trust Funds and  Dr. Azhari Gasim Ahmed, Lead Economist participated on the meeting.

The following issues of interest were discussed, action points and timeline proposed for follow up by the two organizations

•    The proposed Somalia national water development programme for drought resillence and socio-economic enhancement (to be financed by IsDB) and the possible modalities of channeling funds through IGAD to enhance accountability given the nascent nature of the public sector institutions in regions of Somalia.
•    Support from IsDB for a collaboration of IGAD-ICPALD with ICBA on production of saline tolerant fodder and grain and mapping of soils for development in Somalia.
•    Highlighting of proposed concept notes from IGAD for future  collaboration with IsDB and her institutions.

The mission was financed by USAID project, Standard Methods and Procedures in Animal Health being implemented by AU-IBAR and IGAD/ICPALD