3rd August, 2020: A study was undertaken by ICPALD, through IDDRSI IL project funded by USAID, in Karamoja cluster which identified various resilience enhancing technologies and good practices along the livestock value chain. Some policy gaps were also identified and four business cases for investments in livestock trade, namely; improved animal breeding, feedloting, livestock marketing and slaughterhouses were developed and shared as communication messages with the private sector to help them make informed decisions. Welcome remarks were made by Dr. Ameha Sebsibe, on behalf of the Director of ICPALD and opened by Fredrick on behalf of the Director of Livestock Production, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives. They both noted that IGAD region is well endowed with huge livestock resource but its potential is not fully harnessed due to several challenges such as limited value addition, inadequate marketing and use of fodder and pasture as a result of increased frequency of drought and invasion of desert locust. There is need for increased and coordinated efforts by governments and the private sector to make adequate investment in order to fill the deficit and benefit from the existing resources and demands for livestock products. Fifty-six participants largely drawn from the private sector and few from the public sector as regulators, banking sector as financial lending institutions, ICPALD and IGAD secretariat, attended the meeting held on 3rd August, 2020. The meeting made the following recommendations:

  • The public sector should play a facilitative role to the private sector in terms of awareness creation about investment opportunities, capacity building to facilitate compliance with sanitary measures as well as facilitate harmonization of policies among IGAD member states to promote crossborder trade in livestock and their products
  • The private sector should invest in value addition along the livestock value chain to maximize on profit gains
  • The private sector with support of the public sector should empress production of improved fast maturing and high yielding livestock breeds for commercial purposes and better income
  • The private sector with the support of the public sector should empress e-marketing to mitigate effects of shocks such as pandemics like COVID-19
  • The private sector should keep bankable records of their businesses to enable them reach out to financial institutions for loan facilities to upgrade or diversify their investments
  • Financial institutions should continue with their market penetrations skills to reach many private sector stakeholders who may benefit from loan facilities

 Acknowledgment: ICPALD expresses appreciation to USAID for funding this activity