IGAD Center for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD) & Regional Pastoral Livelihood and Resilience project (RPLRP) organized the meeting with the objectives of sharing  the status and lessons on feed/ fodder/range/seed production & marketing, gaps and challenges,  establish regional animal feed and fodder platform and propose roadmap for establishing feed reserve and for wide scale promotion of  good practices.

The meeting took place at Adama; Ethiopia from December 9-10, 2015. The participants were from both public and private sectors involved in feed/ fodder/range/seed production & marketing. The workshop was officially opened by Mr. Tadesse Sorri  representing the Ministry of Livestock and Fishery, Ethiopia; after remarks made by Dr. Dereje Wakjira (coordinator; RPLRP) and Dr. Ameha Sebsibe; representing ICPALD Director.

Finally the workshop recommended the following main actions: create wider awareness and advocacy on adoption of good practices on feed/ fodder/range and seed production & marketing, to have national range fodder/management, and animal feed polices and strategies, strengthening private public partnership (PPP) in order to enhance fodder/ seed production and marketing and to establish feed reserve, support operationalization of the regional feed/fodder platform and Ministries in charge of feed/fodder/seed to strengthen coordination of  extension; research; private and CSOs through national platform

We are grateful to RPLRP /WB project for financing this event.###