It is key to the support the Somali stabilization process, and ongoing AMISOM military operations by enhancing the capacity of Somali Media towards deepening Peace-building and stabilization process of the country. Therefore, IGAD in collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia, Ministry of Information and the Ethiopian Communication Affairs Office, with financial support from the European Union has organized a 4 days training and 3 days experience sharing session from the 7th of April, 2014
to the 13th of April, 2014 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


The official opining of the training was launched by, The Minister of Ethiopia Government Communication Affairs office, First Secretary for the Somali Embassy to Ethiopia, IGAD Peace and Security Director and the IGAD Special Envoy to Somalia. The session was attended by 24 (8 female and 16 male) Somali Media Representatives and 5 senior Ethiopian Media Representatives. Some of the main areas covered in the session were Peace-building through Media, Understanding Conflicts and Violence,
Peace Journalism, the Power of Media in Conflict Resolution, The Responsibility of Peace Journalism and New Media for Peace and Social Change. The session was presented in the context of the situation in Somalia.

The training was positively welcomed by all participants and managed to engage media representatives in discussions on the role of media for peace-building and democracy in Somalia. The participants pledged to effectively participate in fostering peace and stability in Somalia, and they suggested for IGAD to continue engaging in capacity building trainings for Somali Government officials and Civil Society. They also had opportunities to interview the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
President, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Communication Affairs and learn from Ethiopian Media representatives.

An experience sharing session in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Communication Affairs was organized. A Visit to the Ethiopia Television and Ethiopia Press Agency was also prepared. Upon the visit the trainees had discussions with the Somali colleagues from Ethiopian television on the current situation and how the media can contribute towards peace-building, stabilization and the security of Somalia.

The session was concluded by the Director General for African Affairs from the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, the First Counselor and the First Secretary of The Somali Embassy to Ethiopia. They congratulated all participants for their efforts and encouraged them to apply what they acquired from the training on the ongoing peace and stabilization in Somalia.