Somalia has moved and forged forward to consolidate its position in the international family by having its request for accession to the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA) accepted.

On 7th June 2013 during the EU-ACP Council of Ministers meeting in Brussels, Somalia made its application through the Chair of the ACP group under Article 94 of the CPA to sign the CPA and be granted observer status till the accession process is completed and the instruments deposited with the EU Commission Secretariat.

The ACP group welcomed the recent developments in Somalia an acknowledged the efforts by IGAD and the EU and in particular the recent London Conference on Somalia. It also noted that the transition period was concluded as planned and called on the EU to maintain the momentum, assist in setting up the federal institutions and other security arrangements. Somalia had deposited its request for accession to the ACP Secretariat under Article 94 of the CPA.

The EU on its part welcomed the end of the transition period and the enactment of a new constitution and the election of a new President. It also welcomed the prevailing peace in Somalia and committed to supporting Somalia and its institutions. The EU welcomed the request by Somalia noting that Somalia had now regained its position as a full member of the international community.

Commissioner Andreas Piebags welcomed the great news of Somalia request and confirmed the Somalia conference to be held in Brussels in September that will deal with international support for Somalia. The accession will open the doors for Somalia support through the EDF.