25.01.2020 – JUBA (SOUTH SUDAN) The IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan, Ambassador Ismail Wais and the Regional Special Envoys to South Sudan visited the Gorom training site in the outskirt of the capital Juba. Government and opposition armies will be trained at this center to become special forces for the protection of VIPs.

The Special Envoys were briefed by officials and instructors who reported that the morale of the combined solders to be high and that training will coincide with the screening.

Speaking to the troops, the special envoys took turns to urge the young men and women to  

“You exist as a unified force for one simple reason: to protect the lives and properties of the people of South Sudan” said Amb. Ismail Wais. “You are no more a tribal army. You are no more a political army. You are the army of the nation,” he stressed.

The Special Envoy has appealed to friends of South Sudan to support with logistics and transport of much needed material to the cantonment sites. He urged all South Sudanese, including the business community to support these efforts.