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IGAD Media Awards 2022

“Cooperation for Resilience against Drought Effects” 

“Cooperation for Resilience against Drought Effects”

IGAD Media Awards 2022


Engaging the media, and keeping them informed through robust communication and participation has been given due emphasis as one of the building blocks of IGAD. Building strategic partnerships with the media is deemed critical to the successful attainment of the IGAD Vision – “A resilient, peaceful, prosperous and integrated region where citizens enjoy high quality of life”. The media in the member states plays a critical role in raising awareness of the opportunities and benefits of multilateralism and regional approach to address the shared challenges, risks, and threats.

The critical role of media is also recognised by the initiatives from the Executive Secretary in terms of establishing a Communication Unit at the Secretariat and a Spokesperson’s position while urging active involvement of national media houses, reporters, journalists, and other media professionals to help create a new norm that brings IGAD to the fore of the communication agenda.

As a result of our sustained media engagement, including the Executive Secretary’s State of the Region Address of December 2021, IGAD has witnessed increased media coverage. However, there is still limited knowledge and awareness among the public about issues pertaining to the IGAD mandate, programmes, initiatives, and activities.

Through the IGAD Media Awards, the Secretariat and partners intend to:

  • Recognise and reward excellence in reporting on issues related to resilience to drought in the region.
  • Inspire journalists in the region to report more on issues surrounding drought in the region
  • Promote investigative journalism and accuracy as well as creativity and innovation in presenting information about drought, resilience, and food security.
  • Encourage journalists to involve centres of excellence in science, technology and innovation from inside and outside the region to shed light on the persistent and frequent drought and associated food insecurity in the region.


To promote increased, factual and accurate reporting on drought resilience in particular, and IGAD broadly.

Frequency of the Event

The event will be held once every year, starting in 2022 on the side-lines of major regional events that are relevant to a theme selected for a given year. This will enhance awareness and visibility of the media awards, as well as of the winners.

Target Group

The Awards are open to all practicing journalists as well as freelancers in the mainstream media and multi-media outlets from the 8 IGAD countries and are citizens of one of the IGAD member countries: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

The awards are also open to foreign media practitioners who can participate in under the foreign media window below.

For more details on the rules and regulations click on the link For further clarifications on the competition, kindly email No entry fee is required.


IGAD Media Awards 2022

The 1st edition of the IGAD Media Awards will be held in September.

Entries/Awards Categories

Entries shall consist of the following:

Print (Papers, Magazines)
Audio (Radio, Podcasts)
Photography Journalism
Audio-Visual (Television, Youtube)
Digital (Digital Paper, Photography, Blogs)
Foreign Media

Competition Theme

Journalists are invited to submit original pieces of their work that highlight the benefits of ‘Cooperation for resilience against drought effects’, which can come in many shapes and forms. This includes countries jointly addressing challenges such as climate change, maximising socio-economic benefits, minimising risks and costs of development projects, and promoting regional peace and security through bilateral and/or multilateral cooperation.

We encourage journalists to explore the benefits of cooperation in the fight against drought effects through a range of lenses, including food and water security, ecosystems, governance, and management of water resources, migration, regional investment projects, and many more. Why do we need cooperation on these issues? How do the people of the IGAD region benefit when countries decide to cooperate? We particularly welcome submissions with a strong focus on the human impact of cooperation in these matters.

Articles published, TV and Radio documentaries aired in the period of June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 will be accepted. Entries will be in the following official languages; English and French, plus Amharic, Arabic, Luganda, Somali and Swahili.

Audio-visual entries in national languages with subtitles in English or French are accepted. Publications in National languages must be accompanied by translations in English or French.

Audio entries must in English or French only.


  • Invitation to participate in some IGAD major events through a journalists’ accreditation process to IGAD. This will also provide them the opportunity to participate in IGAD gatherings, and access content and experts.
  • A two-day training in Djibouti on IGAD mandate, programmes, achievements and challenges and networking with drought centres of excellence in science, technology and innovation
  • Trophy
  • Certificate

Award Publicity

In order to reach out to as many journalists as possible in the IGAD region, the following is proposed:

  • Engaging with prominent Print, Radio, TV, and Online outlets, and distribution via their products
  • Widely circulate the call, especially among existing journalist networks in the IGAD member countries
  • Announce during IGAD media activities such as media training, press conferences, meet the press panel discussions, media breakfast, etc
  • Publish on IGAD and partners’ websites as well as share via social media platforms
  • Engage communication officers across IGAD and partner organisations

Award Ceremony 

Nominees will be recognised at the closing of the training workshop in September 2022.


  • Submission of entries and shortlisting begins
  • Deadline of entry
  • Shortlist announcement
  • Award ceremony

Jury Composition 

The panel of judges will comprise three persons in each category: 1 media expert, 1 IGAD technical staff member, and 1 representative of partners. The panel shall select the submission that, in their judgment, best meets the selection criteria, as well as a first runner up for each of the categories.

For More Details

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