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July 5, 2024 (NAIROBI, Kenya): the Peace and Security Division Successfully concluded this year’s second round of Youth Peace and Security (YPS) training workshop on Conflict Prevention, Management, and Resolution (CPMR). This workshop is part of IGAD’s ongoing efforts to engage and empower youth in the region to navigate the complexities of contemporary conflict systems.

The workshop brought together the IGAD Youth Envoy and youth Leaders from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda, representing various youth-based associations engaged in promoting peace and security activities. During the workshop, participants engaged in various sessions that covered concepts and practical tools for conflict analysis, prevention, and resolution. The interactive nature of the training facilitated the sharing of experiences and the development of innovative solutions to contemporary conflict challenges through a practical simulation.

This workshop was funded by the European Union through Africa Peace and Security Architecture Program (APSA) IV Program.

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