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10- 12 June 2024, The Peace and Security Division successfully conducted and concluded a three-day roundtable workshop in Juba, South Sudan. The event, organised under the auspices of IGAD’s Political Affairs and Peace Building, under the Pace and Security Division, aimed at understanding the dynamics between politicians and journalists and their roles in reducing tensions across the region. This workshop is part of IGAD’s ongoing efforts to strengthen inter-party dialogue mechanisms and enhance democratic governance across the Horn of Africa.

The workshop was officially opened by the Director Hon. Siraj Fegessa. In his opening remarks, Hon. Fegessa underscored the critical importance of fostering a deeper understanding and cooperation between two of society’s most influential sectors—politics and the media. He emphasized that this initiative marks an essential step towards sustainable peace and stability in the region. Dr. Aleu Garang, Head of Political Affairs and Peace Building, provided an overview of the roundtable’s objectives. He highlighted the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts and promoting understanding.

Participants included politicians, senior media practitioners, representatives from governments, and members of the African Inter-Party Dialogue Network (AIPDN). The diverse group engaged in facilitated discussions aimed at bridging the gap between the political and media spheres.

The workshop agenda covered a range of topics, including the role of media in escalating or resolving political conflict, the influence of reporting techniques, the challenges faced by journalists in conflict-affected states and the impact of media reporting on political tensions.

A key highlight of the roundtable was the exchange of experiences and best practices among participants from various countries, including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda. These sessions provided valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each nation in fostering a collaborative relationship and experience-sharing between politicians and the media.

The roundtable concluded with a session on the way forward, where participants discussed strategies for improving media-political relations and enhancing the transparency of political processes. As a result of the workshop, participants left with a renewed understanding of the critical roles that both politicians and journalists play in shaping public discourse and fostering stability. The roundtable emphasized the need of mutual respect and collaboration to ensure that the media’s watchdog role and the politicians’ governance responsibilities are carried out effectively. The success of this activity underscores the importance of constructive dialogue and capacity-building efforts in achieving sustainable peace and development.

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