Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019


1.    While international law applies in Kenya or at least has relevance in Kenya under the new Constitution, a discriminating approach should be pursued (under art 2.6) in the reading of international treaties ratified by Kenya. The reading by the judge of this provision (blanket application of the entire RS to Kenya) produces absurd results. In part, it would have it that the ICC is a Kenya.

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The new agreement will enhance the capacity of IGAD to achieve its mandate and increase drought resilience in the region. On behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development GIZ has been supporting IGAD Headquarters in Djibouti in diverse IGAD programs including food security, climate information systems (ICPAC), the Conflict Early Warning and Response System, IGAD Peace and Security activities as well as other crucial policy and working documents that strengthened the institutional development of IGAD and, specifically in the last years, IGAD’s task to secure regional peace and security.


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The Executive Secretary of IGAD, Eng. Mahboub Maalim, received the Chinese ambassador to Djibouti and Ethiopia. Both sides discussed the relationship between the Republic of China and IGAD. The Executive Secretary expressed his appreciation for the friendship between IGAD and China.

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