Sunday, Jun 24, 2018

The Report assesses the performance of the region in six key sectors, namely Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food Security (ALFS); Natural Resources and Environmental Protection (NREP); Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration (RECI); Social Development (SD); Peace and Security (PS); and Gender Affairs (GA). In terms of inter-linkages and synergies, the Report examines the policy coherence within sectors and with each other, institutional collaboration and programme coordination of the various programmes under each sector. The Report further looks at IGAD’s corporate governance. Furthermore, looking ahead with foresight, the Report takes the implications of mega trends in the region into account and aims to offer scenarios for the strategic planning. 

Please download the report in PDF.

pdf IGAD Information Sheet (2.27 MB)

pdf IGAD State of the region (3.18 MB)

pdf IGAD Regional Strategy framework (2.90 MB)

pdf IGAD Regional Strategy and Implementation Plan (1.75 MB)

pdf IGAD Information sheet (In French) (2.27 MB)

pdf IGAD State of the region (In French) (3.25 MB)

pdf IGAD framework (In French) (2.93 MB)

pdf IGAD Implementation Plan (In French) (1.77 MB)