(IGAD - Addis Ababa) The  Intergovernmental  Authority  on  Development’s  (IGAD’s)  Capacity  Building Program  Against  Terrorism  (ICPAT)  in  collaboration  with  the  Center  on  Global  Counterterrorism Cooperation (CGCC), convened a three day meeting at the Harmony Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on. The conference, titled “Community Engagement to Counter Terrorism”, is intended to provide an opportunity for officials of the member states  to  meet with  expert  practitioners  and  obtain  valuable  insights  on innovative   programming   and  best   practices   on   community   engagement   to   counter   terrorism,   as well   as   working  together   to   consider   current   approaches   and   lessons   learned   from   within   the IGAD region.
30  participants  will  attend  from  Djibouti,  Ethiopia,  Kenya,  Somalia,  Sudan  and  Uganda.  The  meeting  is part  of  a  broader  effort  by  ICPAT  (www.icpat.org)  and  CGCC  (www.globalct.org)  to  strengthen  sub-regional cooperation and expertise in preventing terrorism in East Africa. 

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Mrs. Nejat Abdulrahman 
Program Assistant 
IGAD Capacity Building Program Against Terrorism (ICPAT)
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia