(30-10-2017 - Addis Ababa) Experts from IGAD Member States are meeting in Addis Ababa to start the process developing the IGAD strategy on HIV, TB and Malaria. The strategy aims at providing integrated framework for regional cooperation and intervention inline with the four IGAD priority areas of Policy Development, Knowledge and Information Sharing, Capacity Building and Science and Technology.

 Member States has agreed on the need for developing the HIV, TB and Malaria strategy based on the current and future global, continental, regional plans in addition to IGAD organization and its member states plans. The strategy is aimed at complementing the efforts of the member states in achieving sustainable development goals and targets that focus on the regional and cross border development.

The experts are expected to discuss common challenges related to trans-boundary HIV, TB and Malaria including the health systems that need to be addresses jointly. Also the expert will discuss and identify regional strategic priorities, objectives and targets. 

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