Friday, Sep 25, 2020

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The Peace and Security Division is mandated to deal with issues related to Peace and Security and Humanitarian Affairs. The division has three main programme components, namely:

  • Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution (CPMR),
  • Political Affairs, and
  • Humanitarian Affairs.

The Division also coordinates the activities of two IGAD institutions based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, IGAD Capacity Building Programme Against Terrorism (ICPAT) and Early Warning and Early Response Mechanism secretariat (CEWARN).

The sector has the overall objective of ensuring that there is security in the Sub-region and the humanitarian sufferings of the Sub-region is addressed. The devastating conflicts and natural disasters in the IGAD Sub-region justify the pursuit of these goals. The IGAD Sub-region suffers from natural disasters and conflicts. As a result refugees and displaced persons are found in all member states. Most of the projects initiated by the Political and Humanitarian Affairs Sector are under formulation, whereas a number of peace initiatives are being undertaken.

The Sectors's long term objectives are: to ensure that peace and stability prevail in the sub-region so that economic development can take place; and contribute towards alleviation and mitigation of humanitarian crisis through long term strategies and response to acute crises. This requires development of conflict, prevention, management and resolution tools and use of early warning and early response mechanism to prevent conflicts as well as capacity building in these areas. It also requires development of a capacity to be better prepared to respond to humanitarian crises and mitigate human sufferings.