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Health and Social Development


The programme of Health and Social Development was established in 2005 following the decision of the 24th session of IGAD Council of Ministers. While social issues cover a broader sector and include health, education, employment, housing, migration, culture, population and sports, the aims and objectives of the section are:

  1. to promote and facilitate common social policies among member-states in the areas of health, education and employment.
  2. to promote the development of common strategies to combat major diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
  3. to promote cooperation and exchange of best practices and coordination with a view to harmonizing and integrating progressively the educational policy and systems at regional level.
  4. to strengthen the capacities of member states to manage migration flow for greater policy coherence at national and intra-regional levels.

The programme has the following components:

(1) Health

IGAD/World Bank Initiative on HIV/AIDS in the Horn of Africa

  • Regional Mappping Exercise
  • IGAD Health website

Sub-regional Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Framework Strategy in Collaboration with African Union and UNFPA

(2) Education - Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO

(3) Migration Policy Dialogue

(4) Collaboration Between IGAD and AU, IOM, UNFPA, and WHO




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