Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020

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Trade, Industry & Tourism

1. Study on Harmonization of Investment Code in the IGAD Region

The two broad objectives of the study on harmonization of investment code in IGAD region are to assist IGAD member states to attract both domestic and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), and to enhance prospects for economic cooperation and integration in the Region. The study contributes to the development and harmonization of policies with impact on creation of economic and customs union.

2. IGAD Business Forum (IBF)

The IBF is expected to play a leading role in trade facilitation, advocacy and lobbying with a view to promoting the objectives of harmonization of policies with regard to trade, customs and transport facilitation; creation of an enabling environment for foreign, cross-border and domestic trade investment; and promotion of free movement of goods and services in the IGAD region.

3. Tourism Promotion Initiative in IGAD Region

The need for tourism development in the IGAD region with a view to promoting regional economic cooperation and integration cannot be over-emphasized. The region has the required flora and fauna that could be developed to propel the region to a self - reliance and sustainable development. Currently, earnings from this sector in form of the much needed foreign exchange is substantial. It is in consideration of the importance of this sector, that IGAD Secretariat intends to launch the promotion of IGAD Tourism Initiative. As a way forward, IGAD shall have to develop an IGAD Master Plan to guide its intervention in tourism promotion. Therefore, consultations have been initiated with the NEPAD Secretariat with a view to mobilizing resources to develop a Tourism Sector Master Plan for the IGAD Region.

Other components of this programme include:

(4) Industry Sector

(5) World Trade Organisation Negotiations (WTO)

(6) Cooperation with Development Partners

  • African Uniion Commision (AU)
  • Rationalisation of the Regional Economic Communities (RECs)
  • Cooperation with NEPAD
  • Coopeartion with Economic Commission for Africa
  • ACP-EU/EPA's Negotiations


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