Friday, Sep 25, 2020

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The Division of Economic Cooperation and Social Development is responsible for the overall co-ordination of regional development co-operation in the areas of trade, industry, tourism, transport infrastructure and communication as well as issues of social development focusing on education, health, labour, migration, and youth affairs among others. The Division also liaises with other organisations, agencies and co-operating partners, on regional, continental, and international matters.

In accordance with the Agreement Establishing IGAD, IGAD Secretariat is mandated to promote programmes aimed at realizing the objectives of COMESA and the African Union. Hence World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations are carried out under these processes and framework arrangements. The Division continues to play its liaison and collaborative role on all regional economic co-operation and integration endeavours within the IGAD region, and at continental level under the auspices of the AU/AEC/REC's framework.

The division has three programme areas namely:

  1. Trade, Industry & Tourism
  2. Transport and Communications
  3. Health and Social Development

The underlying principle in promoting regional economic integration endeavours and pursuing policy harmonisation programmes by IGAD Secretariat is based on promotion and realisation of the African Economic Community among IGAD member states as stated in the aims and objectives of the Agreement Establishing IGAD.