Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020

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Natural Resources Management

The IGAD region is endowed with varied ecosystems that are rich in fauna, flora, productive forests, grasslands, mountains, rivers and lakes that should be developed to sustain the populations. Natural resources management endeavours to centralise human interest and economic utilization of resources based on integrating production systems. This would be through promoting and popularizing alternative systems of subsistence, to ensure sustainable agriculture, food security, household energy needs and improvement of the quality of life of the people. Various approaches, techniques and knowledge for conservation and use of natural resource exist and are confined within national boundaries. The sector intends to identify such opportunities and promote their exchange and use for enjoyment of the present and future generation.

The programme has three components:

(1) Rational Utilization of Trans-Boundary Natural Resources

  • Community-based Natural Resources Management

(2) Promoting the Use of Renewable Energy Resources

  • Renewable Energy Development

(3) Promoting Rational Management of Fresh Water Resources

  • Strengthening Hydrological and Meteorological Networks Hydrological cycles observation system (IGAD-HYCOS)
  • IGAD/OSS programme on assessment and mapping of surface and ground waters in the region


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